Let Honda help you learn how to drive a manual transmission

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How to drive a stick shift vehicle with a Honda manual gear shift

How to drive a stick shift car

These days, especially on American roads, it might seem that automatic transmissions are everywhere. We’re happy to tell you, that plenty of models, though, are still produced with an optional stick shift configuration. Honda, in particular, offers manual transmissions across an array of model and trims. There are quite a few benefits to be had with a stick shift car. The team here at West County Honda wants to make sure that you know all about the benefits that come with Honda ownership, and how to best use your Honda models, so we are sharing this post with a video on how to drive a stick shift car. Keep on reading this blog post, because we have plenty of useful information for you.

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Honda makes it easy

Honda put together this incredibly easy video with detailed instructions for operating your stick shift systems. Not only does this video simplify the instruction process for stick shift-driving, it also explains the specific functions of components like the clutch, how gears shift and move, and how to optimize your manual transmission driving for a smooth and efficient drive. Check out the video below for a detailed look at stick shift driving in the 2018 Honda Accord.

Manual transmission Honda models Chesterfield MO

As we mentioned earlier in the blog post, Honda makes a number of vehicles with an available automatic transmission. If you’re interested in viewing our selection, check out our current inventory of new Honda models with automatic transmissions. We also have a large number of models with shiftable automatic transmission transmissions. This transmission setup runs predominantly automatically but gives drivers the power to switch between gears as they may see fit. Check out our available shiftable automatic vehicles today!


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